What is Scratch?

Scratch is Really Just a Modern Version of Seymour Papert's Logo Programming Language:


-Use this Wallwisher to add notes throughout our session whenever you identify something that kids might learn using Scratch.

Getting our Feet Wet:

Basic Scratch Demo:

Task 1:

-Build your own Scratch program that animates your name.
-Be creative with it.
-Try to outdo your neighbor.

Task 2:

-Explore projects done by others on the Scratch Website
-Download the source code and project files of one project you find interesting.
-Try to figure out how they did things by altering and testing the code.

Learning With Scratch:


-How might you use something like Scratch in your classroom? What changes are necessary in your practice? What reservations or worries do you have?

Task 3:

-Think about a time outside of a school environment when you had a powerful learning experience. Create a brief interactive story using Scratch to tell others about the experience.

Show & Tell

Revisit Wallwisher

Lingering Questions

Other Technology-Enhanced Tools For Discovery Learning & Tinkering

Links & Resources:

Other Similar Tools that Promote Knowledge Construction:

  • external image legodigitaldesigner.png - Build with virtual LOGOS in a 3d LEGO simulator. Then, share your creations. It also allows you to purchase custom Lego sets based on your own designs.
  • external image sculptypaint.gif - Open Source. Sculptypaint is a light 3d rendering program, similar to Blender but with fewer features.
  • external image googlesketchup.png - Free 3d object rendering program. You can use Sketchup to put 3d objects in sites like Google Earth.
  • external image scratch.gif - Free Software - Programming environment for making games and other interactive programs.
  • external image gamemaker7.gif - Free Software - Programming environment for making your own video games.
  • external image alicelogo_news.jpg- Alice is a creative "drag and drop" 3D programming environment that makes it easy for kids to create simple animations for story-telling, interactive games, or for sharing videos on the web.
  • external image phun.gif - Open Source. Physics Simulator - Great for the SMARTboard.
  • external image roblox_logo.png - build and share your own 3D games online
  • external image sploder.png - Online application that lets you create your own platform & first-person shooter video games and share them with others.